On May 31 I issued a Reading Challenge to the congregation of Eastminster Presbyterian Church. I wanted to take a moment and give some suggested books from each of the categories. These are only suggestions and are by no means the only books you can read.

  1. Fun Book of your Choice – I will leave this category totally up to you. I am partial to Historical Fiction so my fun books usually come from this genre.
  2. Biography of a Man or Woman of the Faith – This catagory is also a favorite of mine. There are a ton of books I can recommend to you let me begin with these:
    1. Praying Hyde
    2. The Life of Arthur W. Pink by Iain Murray
    3. George Whitefield  by Robert Philip or J.P. Gledstone or Arnold Dallimore
    4. The Diaries of David Brainard
  3. A Current Event driven Book
    1. Answering Jihad: A Better way Forward by Nabeel Quereshi
    2. Homosexuality by Kevin DeYoung
  4. A book written by a dead theologian – This could be a long list so I will only give a few.
    1. The Art of Divine Contentment  by Thomas Watson. Get a print copy, if you can find it and mark it up!
    2. The Art of Prophesying by William Perkins
    3. The God You can Know by Dan Dahaan
  5. Any C.S. Lewis Book – I really don’t think you need a list for these.
  6. A book on a doctrinal issue
    1. Basic Christianity by John Stott – a Classic
    2. The Attributes of God by Arthur W. Pink
    3. Creation and Change by Douglas Kelly
  7. A commentary on a book of the Bible
    1. Any Commentary by James Boice will be good reading
    2. Calvin’s Commentaries
    3. Life In Christ by Martin LLoyd Jones
  8. A book about dealing with relationships – Again, there are a ton of different ways to go with this one. Here are a few I liked in the past.
    1. The Marriage Builder by Larry Crabb
    2. When People are Big and God is Smallby Ed Welch

This list should get you started on this challenge. It is by no means exhaustive so be creative and enjoy your time. Let us know what you are reading. Go to our Facebook page and let us know what is on your list.