Here is John Calvin expounding about Christ. Think through and meditate on this picture.


When we see salvation whole-its every single part is

found in Christ,

we must be aware lest we derive the smallest drop

from somewhere else.

If we seek salvation,

the very name of Jesus

teaches us

that he possesses it.

If other Spirit-given gifts are sought – in his anointing they are


strength – in his reign; and purity  – in his conception;

tenderness – expressed in his nativity,

in which he was made like us in all respects, that he might feel

our pain:

Redemption when we seek it, is in his passion found;

acquittal – in his condemnation lies;

and freedom from the curse – in his cross known.

If satisfaction for our sins we seek – we’ll find it in his


There’s cleansing in his blood.

And if it’s reconciliation that we need, for it he entered Hades;

if mortification of  our flesh – then in his tomb it’s laid.

And newness of our life – his resurrection brings and

immortality as well comes also with that gift.

And if we long to find that heaven’s kingdom’s our


His entry there secures it now

with our protection, safety too, and blessings that abound

-all flowing from his kingly reign.

The sum of all those who seek such treasure-trove of


These blessings of all kinds, is this:

from nowhere else than him can they be drawn;

For they are ours in Christ alone.

John Calvin, The Institutes of the  Christian Religion, 1.16.19, 1559 Latin ed. translation and versification are Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson as published in The Whole Christ: Legalism, Antinomianism and Gospel Assurance – Why the Marrow Controversy Still Matters